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Information On Medical Marijuana And Its Use

The substance marijuana is a very popular and controversial one. It is often a very controversial topic as some believe that it is just an addictive drug that offers no good to anyone and others feel that it is helpful to others. Some countries have it listed as an illegal and controlled substance that is not legal for personal use. Other nations allow it to be used legally for any reason at all. Historically, people have smoked it for pleasure or recreation but now some are consuming it as a means to help with medical conditions. A lot of marijuana users and advocates say that it is a plant and that it is not a substance that should be controlled as it is of nature. It has been listed as an illegal substance in the United States for many decades. Some of the states have now voted to make it a legal drug.

There are some states that have only legalized it for patients that have a valid medical purpose for it. That type of law means that a person will have to get a doctor’s note or prescription. The states that made it legal in all cases allow people to use it for recreational and medical reasons. There are some scientific and medical studies that show medical marijuana to be beneficial to people suffering from certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, federal law still has it listed as an illegal and controlled substance.

Medical marijuana has been shown to help people with cancer drastically with some of their symptoms that seem to arise when they are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation as part of their treatment. Appetite loss and nausea are common symptoms for people that are going through cancer treatment. Appetites seem to increase and nausea seems to decrease for many cancer patients that are able to have medical marijuana as part of their medical treatment plan. This is miraculous for those that it helps as they can get more energy and keep on weight while undergoing a life saving course of treatment.

Other medical issues that this has shown promise to are glaucoma sufferers, anxiety patients, and even those that are dealing with AIDS and the treatments involved. Medical marijuana is slowly becoming more accepted among countries and states and getting traction for wider acceptance. It is important that a person contemplating using this learns the benefits and risks of consuming medical marijuana and finding out the legality of using it in their state or country.

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